Thursday, July 18, 2013

Under my umbrella-eile-eile.

We took ourselves off to the beach today. When we arrived there we were greeted by Ali, a good friend who had been a waiter in Foleys for many years. At lunch time we realised that we would have to call him over to serve us. The only problem was that he was used to seeing us dressed up in our finery and now we were in our bikinis.
"Here, Emma, pass me that newspaper. I'll pretend that I'm reading it and hide behind it."
Fair enough, until Ali came over.
"Oh Noeleen. You can read Turkish newspaper! What is happening in the world?"
"Ehm. I'm just looking at the pictures."
He took so long to serve us that the ink ran and I had the imprint of a backwards headline emblazoned across my chest!
You don't think I was actually going to show it, now did ya?

Those of you who have been reading my blogs for a while know of my brush with skin cancer.
Needless to say I am now paranoid about the sun.
So what the hell am I doing in Turkey?
Well I figure I still have to live life, but I'm extra careful. I lather on the factor duffel coat and sit under in the shade at all times.
Things started off well today and I plonked myself under the umbrella. After an hour my legs were beginning to peep out. I stood up to move my bed and immediately the attendant came over.
I forgot for a moment. This is Turkey. You don't do anything for yourself!
He got another umbrella and placed it beside the first one, so I was protected once again. This little game lasted for the rest of the day so that by the time we were leaving I was under FIVE umbrellas!
It was like being in a marquee!
I'm sure the other sun worshipers were looking at me and wondering
Why on earth did she bother going to the beach in the first place?
But, I'll have the last laugh.