Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Going swimmingly!

Had a great laugh meeting up with my cousins at the weekend.
One cousin was just back from a family holiday in Italy. Before she went she was adamant that she wasn't displaying her body in a bikini so she invested in a one-piece.
Her goal on holiday was to learn how to swim. She managed to persuade her slightly embarrassed 13 year old daughter to teach her. Every day she would practice her leg kicking, arm crawling and controlled breathing. Eventually she was confident that she could manage all three at the same time. She instructed her daughter to stand at the far end of the pool and she would swim up to her.
"You can do this," she said to herself. "Don't give up."
She started off, determined to succeed. Half way up the pool she felt like giving up but she powdered on! When her fingers touched the wall at the far end of the pool, she jumped up, arms spread in triumph and shouted to her daughter
"Well, I DID IT! What do you think?"
She saw her daughter stand there, mouth open in total amazement.
I know I wasn't a swimmer, but is it that big a shock to her that her mother could succeed?
Her daughter then hissed
"MAM! Your swimsuit!!!"
She looked downwards to find her swimsuit down around her belly button, boobs on display for all to see!
Her daughter turned on her heel and disappeared back into their apartment, not to be seen again all afternoon.
Surprisingly enough her daughter refused to give her any more lessons!
 Thanks for letting me use your photo, Annemarie!!!


  1. That is a very athletic looking back - are you certain it's Annemarie's ?

  2. Of course it is. Us cousins have a very similar build!!!