Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Found in Translation.

Marese has made the apartment a right little home-from-home with lots of quirky touches. One such thing is a set of place mats with Irish proverbs written on them.
One of our Turkish friends was having a cup of tea and, wanting to improve his English, was trying to understand the sayings.

We explained that
A silent mouth is sweet to hear.
means that it is often better to say nothing at all.
As the old cock crows the young cock learns
means that you should listen to the voice of experience.

Today himself and Emma were on the beach. He met a group of his friends and was talking away in Turkish. Emma knows a fair bit of the language but couldn't keep up with them. When they left she asked him what they had been talking about.
Delighted to have an opportunity to show-off what he had learned , he beamed and announced
"As it says in your apartment
A silent mouth is better for your cock.

And do you know what?  He never said a truer word.
Marese, I bet you can't find a placemat with that printed on it!