Monday, July 1, 2013

Eyes are the window to the soul.

Today was the first official day of my holidays. So where did I spend it?
Asleep in bed? Visiting friends? Shopping?
No to all of the above. I was in the Education Centre doing a science course.
One of the questions that was recommended to get the children to investigate was
"Is there a connection between eye colour and hair colour?"

I was cast back to my classroom of five year olds in Abu Dhabi. I was sitting with one group reading a story when Ahmed looked at me quizzically and asked
"Miss, are you Muslim or Christian?"
My heart stopped as I struggled to reply. We had been warned that under NO circumstances were we to mention religion. So how was I to answer him?
I underestimated the logic of children. His friend Mohammed turned to him and in a derisory tone said
"Of course she is Christian.......she's got blue eyes."
"Oh I see," replied Ahmed, and turned his attention back to my story.

That was a perfect piece of childlike logic.
Not to be confused with childish logic.
In his little world all his family and friends had big chocolate brown eyes...with incredible lashes, I might add! And they all happened to be Muslim.  The only blue eyed people he had ever encountered were his European teachers, who were more likely to be Christian.

Makes perfect sense to me!


  1. Hi one of you're students here , I think you promised us ice-cream but you didn't give it to us!!!!!!

  2. Oops. The weather got too bad!

  3. So we all got our question wrong in mental maths ???