Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bet Cleopatra never had this problem!

Just down the road in Alanya is the beautiful Cleopatra Beach. According to history/tourist guides the white sand was brought in from Egypt by order of the queen herself. Cleopatra and Mark Anthony would have trysts there on the beach.
Don't you hate how that dam sand gets everywhere?

Today I didn't get as far as that beach but I did feel like royalty on the local beach. When I arrived, I was greeted by much flailing of arms and lamentations.
"Why you not come for the past few days? I have sunbed ready for you?"
"Eh, maybe it's because I never said I was coming???"
"I have best bed ready for you today. Come."

Sure enough, there near the waters edge, where it was 4 degrees cooler that further back
or so I was reliably told
was a sunbed...shaded by umbrellas!
"Thank you very much. This is perfect."
I had no sooner plonked my ass on the bed when Umbrella Man stuck a menu under my nose.
"You want food?"
"Give me a second there. Right, I'll have a mixed omelette please."
Food appeared in record time. Once it was finished I settled down to start my book when......a plate of glistening cherries and some other unidentifiable fruit appeared in front of me.
"On the house."
"Thank you. I'm full at the moment but they will be lovely later."
"No, it better you try NOW."

Part of the legacy from attending boarding school is that when food is put in front of me and I'm ordered to eat...I EAT! One never knew when the next bite was coming!

"Mmm. Lovely." as I forced a juicy cherry in my mouth.
"Last few days I have FIVE umbrellas waiting for you."
Ah so the reports of beach umbrellas being stolen from various beach bars every night were true!!!
"Well, there's no need for you to do that." Picked up my book as a sign...GO AWAY.
He did....only to return a few minutes later.
"Everything all right Lady?"
"Fine." Stony silence.
"I will reserve this bed for you everyday for the next three weeks."
Emma had mentioned how long I was staying on our previous visit. Thanks  Ems, I'll repay you in kind!
"There's no need for that. I'm on holiday. I like to go to different places."
He thought for a moment and said
"I can come to your apartment with my service."
"You're grand. There's a fine roof on the apartment."

Did you ever notice, there's never an asp around when you need one?

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