Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Dating Game

People are constantly asking me
"Are you married?"
"So, have you ever been married?"
"I bet it's because you are too fussy."
Fussy? Me, fussy!" They wouldn't say that if they'd seen some of my ex-boyfriends!!!
I've decided that June is when that all changes. I'm going to "date" like the Americans. In Ireland, you meet someone in a bar, you hit it off , meet him again and suddenly you're in a relationship. In America, you go out on nights out with various men before you become "exclusive". So that's the way I'm going!
It started off well. I went to The Canal Festival in the Hill of Down. there I met Gus, here on a weekend from Birmingham. I overcame my shallowness and looked beyond his excessive body hair. I joined him for a drink. While he may not have been much of a conversationalist, he was very attentive.
I asked my sister Geraldine to take a photo of us.She is shite with a camera, as the following link will show!


  1. This is so funny!!! Emma x