Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mystery Man

First day of my summer holidays. Yipee!
I was coming home from Mullingar after watching Westmeath being beaten by one point in the Football. As I approached The Downs Roadhouse, I decided to go in for something to eat.
After all I am on holiday. Who the hell wants to cook?
I settled in to my seat and tucked into my sweet chilli chicken salad with baked potato.
As I was munching, I looked around the restaurant. There were a few tables occupied but not by anyone I knew
When I was finished I went up to the counter to pay. The waitress went to the till and then returned with a grin on her face.
"It's okay. Your bill has been paid."
"SORRY? What do you mean?"
"The gentleman in the corner paid for your meal before he left."
I wracked my bains but I couldn't recall who had been sitting in the corner.
"Do you know who he was?" I asked.
"He comes in here a bit. I can't think of his name but I do know he has two St.Bernard dogs!"
"Are you sure it was mine he paid for?"
"I think you should quit while you're ahead!"

I drove home with a nice warm feeling in my bones. I still have no idea who my benefactor was. So if he ever gets to read this, can I just say
"Thank you very much.......and why did you just leave without saying anything!!!


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