Monday, June 10, 2013

Miracles do happen.

Several years ago two of my friends came to visit me in Abu Dhabi. We were lounging on the beach when we saw a woman frantically digging through the sand looking for something. My friend Mohammed was with us. We explained to him about our belief in Saint Anthony. If you lose something, you pray to him and he will find it for you. You have to promise to send money to his association if the item is found.
"What? A dead person will come and find it for you? I can't believe that!" he exclaimed.
"Just watch this", I said. "We will pray to St. Anthony, and see what happens."
Without saying a word to each other we started praying. Later we discovered we had roughly said the same thing.
"Come on now, St Anthony, do your stuff. This is the Christians against the Muslims!"
Low and behold, within a few minutes the women let a screech of joy as she held up her engagement ring.
Phew! Reputation saved.
Mohammed still wasn't convinced.
"The next time I lose something, I will.....ring Ireland and you can pray for me.

My time in Abu Dhabi was up and I was coming home. I had seen a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring in a magazine. As a going away present Mohammed got it made for me. It was priceless to me, not just because of its value but because it was a reminder of a very special place, time and person in my life.

Three years ago disaster struck. I LOST THE RING! I pulled my house apart looking for it, but no success. I had been taking part in the All-Ireland drama circuit so I rang every B&B that I had stayed in, hoping that I had left it there and they still had it. Not a sign. Someone probably found it and was now holidaying in the Bahamas!
I prayed to St Anthony but he wasn't having any of it. I eventually had to resign myself to the fact that it was gone. I was heart-broken. During the past three years, every time I thought of it my stomach went into knots and I shed a few tears.
Last month I brought my class on retreat in preparation for their Confirmation. The day ended with a prayer service. The leader invited us to close our eyes and pray for a special intention.
Hmm. What will I pray for? Sure I'll try St Anthony again for my ring.
I had no faith that it would work this time. After all, three years had passed and it hadn't turned up.

This weekend I went to a wedding in Mullingar. I stayed with a friend as I had been drinking.
The next morning, as I was about to leave, she spotted a ring I was wearing and said
"Oh that reminds me. Did Fiona give you back your ring?"
"What ring?"
"She was doing up her spare room and she found a ring. She left it on her sideboard as she didn't know who owned it. I saw it and recognised it as being yours. It's the one with the twirly circles."
My heart nearly came out of my mouth.
It couldn't be, could it. But I was sure I lost it down the country.
I was onto Fiona straight away.
"Oh yeah. I'm here in the hotel. I have it in my bag as I forgot to give it to you yesterday."
I jumped into the car and sped off.
I was convinced that
a) It wasn't that ring
b) Fiona would get mugged and her bag stolen before I got there.
As soon as I arrived, Fiona handed me THE RING! I cried with happiness. I honestly never thought I would ever see it again.
Good on ya, St Anthony. I owe you big time.

It's never leaving my sight again!


  1. With a very happy ending:)

  2. On d saints :) yay - i'm gona say one for my ring right now (3yrs have passed though...)