Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How world events impact my life.

After my recent announcement that I am going back to Turkey for the summer, I was greeted with howls of
"Haven't you seen the news recently?"
"What about the riots in Istanbul?"
"Will they not affect your holiday?"
In answer I say
"Yes they have had a major impact on my holiday plans in the following ways.
(a) When I looked at flights to Turkey last April, they were quoting me at 750 euro. Ridiculous! I can't afford that. Last week the same flight cost me 320 euro. All the more money for shoes!
(b) This is a graph of how many Turkish Lira you can get for a euro over the past 120 days.
See that graph go!
It's an ill riot that blows nobody good. Now I am not being flippant. I am speaking as a person who lived in Ireland through the worst of the troubles. I was sick of my friends abroad saying
"Oh how on earth can you live in Ireland? You can get blown up at any moment."
I tried to point out that the unrest was a couple of hundred kilometres away in the North and that I only ever saw the troubles on the News like them, not at first hand.
Secondly, I was living in the Middle East when 9/11 happened. My family were on the phone to me, telling me to come home to safety. I tried to point out that London was probably the next target and that they were closer to that, than I was to any potential hotspots.
My point is,
When your number is up, it's up, regardless of where you are situated. So you might as well go ahead and live your life as you wish!

Actually I am more worried about the effect that the impending arrival of the future monarch of the United Kingdom will have on my holiday plans. Let me explain.

On Friday 29th 2011 I was making my way back from Turkey. We boarded the plane in Istanbul on time and all seemed well. I settled down in my seat ready for take off. An hour and a half later we were still stuck on the tarmac, sweltering in the heat. Eventually we took off. Later we discovered the reason for the delay. It was the day of William and Kate's wedding. Our flight coincided with their appearance on the balcony of Buckingham palace and so there was a no-fly zone over the area. Hence the reason for our incarceration in the plane.
I have just discovered that Kate's baby is due on July 14th, the same feckin' day that I am flying to Turkey.
While I wish them all the best, if I'm stuck in a claustrophobic cabin because of Kate's contractions, there will be strong words uttered!

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