Monday, June 24, 2013

Give us a break!

The final week of school is always hectic...
sort out books and copies, reports, final of Baconstown's Got Talent, end of year mass, Sports Day etc. etc. etc.

There I was, wheeling my trolley around Dunnes Stores, going over my mental lists once again and counting down til Friday. Suddenly I was stopped in my tracks. WTF!!!
No, no, NOOOOOO!
I immediately set about trying to find the culprit and give them a D- for syntax.  But in vain.
That is incorrect. Technically speaking you can not go BACK somewhere that you have not yet left. At least wait til the weekend.
But it has got me thinking.
Only 67 days until we reopen on 30th August. Ya won't feel it comin'


  1. 67 Days holiday!
    Where's your sense of loyalty to this poor country why 28 days per annum is sufficient for workers.

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  3. Don't get me started. I have just been listening to the Anglo Irish W....I mean Bankers. Where is their sense of loyalty??? And we get the blame :)