Sunday, June 9, 2013

A hair raising day

When you spend the day at a wedding or other big event, you usually comment on the torture your poor feet have to endure. After today I have to disagree. I think it is the opposite end of the body that suffers the most.
24 hours in the life of my hair
08:00: Arise early. So this is what it means by "bed head".

10:00: Visit to the hairdressers . Wait a minute, this isn't Ibrahim!
Funny little imposters were clipped to my scalp and hey presto! Rapunzel.

14:00:The face  needed some professional help as well and then we were ready for the wedding.

18:00: A few hours in the sun and the damn head piece was tugging at my scalp. So it had to go.

00:00: Next to go were the extensions.

02:00: Really letting myself down. I mean, letting my hair down.

Stupid o'clock: Noeleen had enough and called it a day. Lightweight! I was still curly and bouncy and full of energy.