Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Be careful what you ask just might get it.

There was pandemonium in my classroom before the catechist's visit.
For those for you not in the know, it is a person who comes to all schools to check on how the religion programme is being taught.
In the olden days, and I am referring to when I started teaching, it was a very strict examination, but now its more like a chat with the kids. Never the less, I was busy pinning up a few pictures and posters this morning.
"Everyone, this is our "Sacred Space", I announced as I pointed to a beautifully decorated notice board.
" When did that appear?", asked one observant pupil.
"What do you mean?" I asked in mock horror. "That's been there all year!"
"Oh right Miss," he replied, with a big wink.
My kids are very quick on the uptake!
A very nice lady arrived in, and my class performed accordingly. Before she left she addressed the class.
"Now has anyone any question about our religion that they would like to ask me?"
I groaned inwardly as I sat at my desk.
"Ah God love her. She has no idea what she has just let herself in for!"
The first few questions were tame enough, and then they got in their stride.
Please bear in mind, these were genuine things they wanted to know, and not them being smart and trying to catch her out.
"Do you think was Joseph annoyed when Mary told him she was going to have a baby for someone else, seeing as they were engaged?"
She looked at me as if to say "Help me out here!" I just thought "Well you did ask. You're on your own!"
But it was the next one that had her running for the door.
"Seeing as the Bible says that God made us, how come all the old paintings Of Adam and Eve show them with belly buttons, which are made from umbilical chords?"
There were skid marks as she left.
All I can say is....
Welcome to my world.
I hope we've passed!

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