Friday, May 17, 2013

A little angel

The sound of the school phone ringing can often cause a shiver of fear to run down a teacher's spine.
Oh God. Who is this? What have we done wrong now?
Yesterday an elderly lady rang our school looking for the principal regarding one of our pupils.
She had been walking down the street of Enfield the previous afternoon, lugging two large bags of shopping with her. A car passed her, slowed down and stopped. It contained one of our 3rd Class girls being driven by her mother.
The little girl had espied the women struggling with her shopping, and made her mother stop to give her a lift home
"As it wasn't fair that a little old lady should have to carry such heavy bags".
The lady recognised her school uniform as belonging to our school and had to ring to compliment the little girl for her kindness.
It made me think. If I had been driving through Enfield yesterday afternoon, I probably wouldn't even have noticed her, never mind recognise her predicament.
Thank God our pupils live by the motto
"Do as I say, and not as I do."
I am totally humbled.