Monday, April 8, 2013

Weighty issue

It was with much intrepidation that I stood on the bathroom scales this morning. The digits raced up and up....and up.
WTF! How on earth could I have put on half a stone in two weeks!!! Oh wait a minute....
  • Swimming pool wasn't open, so no exercise
  • Freshly made bread served with EVERYTHING
  • Chocolate
  • Lunch served on the beach
  • Dinner out every night
  • Cocktails
  • More cocktails until stupid o'clock
You mean that's ALL I put on. Happy days!


  1. Never mind all the fun that you just had was worth every ounce, have you not heard the old adage: Laugh and grow fat :)
    Sure it's just a bit more to cuddle :)

  2. I certainly laughed a lot so I guess the ounces were worth it :)