Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Proud as punch

There are days when I think
What the hell am I doing in this job? I can't do it.
And other moments when I think
Yesss! I've done something right.
Today was the latter.
I went to my sister's after school instead of heading home. Confirmation practice was on in the church this evening and if I went home it would have been just to turn around and come back. As we were sitting in the kitchen there was a knock at the front door. A teenager stood there, trying to flog a few raffle tickets for his secondary school.He looked at me, his eyes opened in recognitition and he uttered the immortal words
"Miss! What are you doing here?
Yep. This six foot strappin' fella had looked up to me (physically) only a few years ago.
We had the expected conversation of how he was getting on in "big" school, what subjects he was studying and what his Baconstown classmates are up to now.
He went to leave, thought of something and turned back.
" Miss, just to let you know I'm in a musical in Kilcock next week. I used to love your Drama classes and so I auditioned and got a part. Thanks."
My heart near burst with pride. I couldn't have been prouder if he said he was becoming a doctor/astronaut/president.
At least one of my students has discovered the world of drama because of me.
My work here is done!