Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I can go nowhere!

"What are those things up in the sky? Clouds, surely not?"
When I woke up this morning it was overcast. How dare it! It not being the weather for lying on the balcony reading, I decided to catch the bus into the neighbouring town of Alanya.
Mid shopping I went into a restaurant for a wee break. As I was sitting down I could see the waiter looking quizzically at me.
What's his problem?
He came over to take my order. After I spoke he asked the usual.
"Where you from?"
"I know you."
WTF? Those damn fliers of all my hairstyles that Ibrahim put in various phone boxes! I can go nowhere!!!
"I work in Ally's Bar in Mahmutlar for many years. I know you."
Phew. Or is it? Which is worse-to be recognised because of your photo in a phone box, or because you frequent dens of iniquity?
The usual pleasantries were exchanged.
My phone binged with a message. It was from the women saying that they were thinking of heading into Alanya, and did I want to go?
"Too late. I'm already here!"
I am so thankful that they came in.
After all a Princess can't be expected to carry all her own can she?