Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting my priorities right.

This will be a very busy weekend for me. I have Confirmation tomorrow, followed by a hen night in Westport.
Today was hectic in school. Like Santa, I made a list and I checked it twice
actually I think I may have checked it three or four times.
  • picture of our new pope
  • candle
  • confirmation cards
  • booklets
  • camera
check, check, check.
The minute the bell rang I dismissed the class and they raced out the door. I picked up my cardboard box of tricks and headed in the same direction. I was met by my principal who was carrying the phone.
"It's for you", he mouthed. "Father X."
I deposited my box of tricks on the floor.
"Hello?" I said, wondering what was coming next.
"Noeleen," he said, "Can you bring the refreshments to the church now?"
Normally, I would be passing by the church on my way home and this would not be a problem....but not today.
"Eh, no I can't," I replied.
"Why not? What are you doing?"
I paused, wondering what I should answer.
Oh feck it, tell the truth and shame the devil!
"I have an appointment to get a spray tan in Mullingar at 3.30. I haven't time to go that way."
"A what???. Is that important?"
"Oh Father, that's such a "boy" thing to say! You have to prepare your body as well as your soul for these events!"
My colleague, once she had stopped laughing, loaded up her car and deposited the goodies in the church as I sped off to be sprayed.
Now I'm sitting here knowing I'm due a slagging tomorrow!
What do I want to be tomorrow? check!