Thursday, March 7, 2013

What a character!

In order to celebrate World Book Day we all dressed up as a character from our favourite book in class.
Guess who I was?
The children were put into groups of five and they had to "hot-seat" each other to develop their characters further.
Then we decided to go into the younger classroom next door and see if they could guess who each person was. In order to help them, each character was to say one sentence based on their book.
It was then that one of the boys came up to me in a bit of distress.
"Miss, I honestly didn't know. I can't go into the younger ones."
"Why? What's wrong with your costume?"
I looked at him and thought.....Harry Potter. That's ok.
"My mother got it ready for me. She said it was from her favourite book.......50 shades of Grey. The other lads have just told me!"
This is the note I sent home to her.

Dear Mrs. X,
Just to say all the teachers appreciated the effort you put into your son's costume for World Book Day. I am deciding whether or not to give you homework based on your book choice!!!
Ms. Noeleen :)
 Good on ya, Mum!