Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hair raising

I have been in such a dilemma since I arrived in Turkey. My hairdresser from across the road is nowhere to be found. And I had deliberately left my highlights to be done when I got here. On holidays with dark roots....disaster!
Of course, here in Turkey, nothing is a problem. If you mention a concern, someone will immediately pipe up with a solution.
Ali G kindly told me about his friend who is a hairdresser.
"I will call to your apartment and bring you to him."
"But is he any good?"
"Of course. If you don't like, you don't pay."
"But that 's no good if my hair looks like shite for the rest of my holidays!"
So what do you think?Should I pay???


  1. Definitely a dilemma. The joys of being a practicing blonde!!

    1. No one appreciates how much time and effort it takes!

  2. The multi coloured hair do mostly suits you, that is apart from the red, which only highlights your cheeks and makes you look like a boozer :) !
    Am sure that you will not imbibe until the Lenteen period is over - will you ? [wink, wink ;-) ]

  3. Oh God forbid that I would break my fast in this Holy I'm sure none of the cardinals did during the recent conclave :)