Friday, February 15, 2013

The Ultimate Girls' Day Out

My friend Helena and I decided to treat ourselves to a pamper day at a spa. We booked ourselves the "Ultimate Girls' Day Out" package in the Merriott Hotel. As we walked through the doors of the spa we were looking forward to all the delights that awaited us. Before we headed upstairs, we were stopped in our tracks by this sign.
Hmm. That looks interesting.
As we glanced/peered in through the windows all we could see was a mass of broad, muscular shoulders.
"I wonder could you place a couch here, bring us a nice bottle of wine and two glasses and we'll just stay here and perve...."
Now that would be the ULTIMATE girls' day out in my book!!
However the staff were having none of it and forced us upstairs to have our facials and massages.


  1. Ah' bless, Life is so cruel at times!

  2. What have I done to deserve this hardship??? :)

  3. do u guys no each other ????