Sunday, February 3, 2013

The things I do for charity!

Barnhall Rugby Club are going on a trip to Argentina. While there, they will take part in a project to teach deprived children to play rugby. They organised a Ladies Night to come up with the much needed funds. As one of our friend's sons is involved, how could we not???

14 of us headed off to the GlenRoyal hotel in Maynooth. There were lots of pop up shops selling shoes, handbags, cupcakes and Ann Summers paraphernalia! The night opened with a fashion show.
Some nice dresses, but can I just say to whom it may concern
Models chewing gum is far too Tallifornia, ugh.
There was a Best-dressed competition, judged by non other than the current Mr. Ireland.
Never one to turn down a photo opportunity, he immediately photo bombed my moment!

I didn't win....but in true sour grapes style, it's just as well, as first prize was one of the modeled dresses, which might have covered one of my legs.
But the highlight of the night was a one-night only performance of
The Full Monty!
Yes, far dues to a group of the lads, they bared all for a good cause.
And as for me, I felt it my moral obligation to cheer and whoop as loudly as I could.
The things I do for charity. I'm practically Mother Theresa!


  1. You - Mother Theresa ... Yeah right :)