Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spill the Beans.

If parents knew the things that their Infant children tell their teachers, then they would not let them start school until they were at least 12. For every time that your child comes home from school and says
"Teacher said this", and "Teacher said that" they have also said in school
"Mammy said this" and "Daddy said that".
I had my first experience of this when I was on my very first teaching practise back in the last century.
Yes, it really was the last century, in the 1980's!
There I was, a culchie from the little village of Raharney, put into an inner city school where the 6 years olds were more streetwise that I would ever me.
On the third morning the children were comfortable enough with me to reveal all during Newstime.
"Miss", said a wide-eyed chap, "The guards came last night and took away all me Da's videos."
"Mmm, lovely. NEXT!"

A different Infant class a few years later presented me with this gem.
"Miss, Mammy came home last night and found Daddy in bed with our babysitter."
and even
"Miss, we had great fun at the weekend writing with Mammy's lipstick on the mirrors.....
Daddy is a B-A-S-T-A-R-D.
What does that spell?"
"Er,.......Bold Boy."


  1. H'mm and it goes the other way too: I recall my young daughter relating to us the antics of her teacher who was seen falling out of a pub!

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