Monday, February 11, 2013

Milestone Birthdays

Oh my, how quickly they grow up. One minute they are quite happy to share their lunch off the floor with Sam, the family dog and the next they are all grown up and living in London..
Yes, today is Barry's milestone 30th birthday.
Oh wait, for those who don't know me, Barry is not my SON, he's my eldest NEPHEW. Phew, get that right!
And once again, poor Sam waits anxiously for a crumb to fall his way.
Here he is ( Barry, that is, not Sam!), with all my other nieces and nephews helping me to celebrate one of my many milestone birthday. I'm not divulging which one!

Sorry Barry that we can't be there to help you celebrate in person, but sure....the next time you're home!
Happy birthday Barry!

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