Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Luck of the Irish

The league table from the Economist Intelligence Unit made for very interesting reading.
“Noeleen, you need to get out more often”, I hear you cry.
Eighty countries were ranked against 11 statistical indicators from national wealth, life expectancy, crime rates, weather, family ties and political freedom to what today's newborns can hope to earn in 2030 to compile a where-to-be-born index.
As one would expect, chocolate-loving, watch-making Switzerland came top of the league, to be followed closely by Australia.
Lucky to live in Australia??? I’ve seen enough episodes of Home and Away to disagree with that. As far as I can see, you can’t have a gathering of more than five Australians without a bomb, gas explosion or plane crash ruining the event.
Of course I wanted to see where our little ol’ Emerald Isle appeared on this league. Having listened to a plethora of grumblings and complaints over the holiday season about how we are on the road of no return I actually started at number 80 in order to find us, and worked my way up.

Up, up and up I went, til I came to NUMBER 12! Yes there we were, just behind the aforementioned countries and all the Nordic ones.
Ah ha, Brian Ború put manners on that crowd years ago!
What really surprised me, was that we ranked above United States , Britain and China.
But the most surprising one was Germany, in behind us at number 16!

I mean, they OWN us. We sold our soul to the Troika back in the day and now we are paying for it in blood sweat and tears, and probably will be for the next, oh 100 years.
But according to the experts we are still luckier to be born in Ireland, to be the servant as opposed to the master.
 I think that says it all about our “ignore it and it’ll go away” mentality!


  1. I am flabbergasted ..... ah it must be a typographical error, nice try Noel!
    Now wake up and look at the free food queues in Dublin

  2. ERR wat does this whole story mean i dont get it

  3. I was just commenting on the fact that we think we are at the bottom of the dungheap yet we're actually quite lucky to be Irish!