Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life's Little Lessons.

Despite being a teacher, I do not believe that education begins and ends in school. Every day springs an important life lesson upon us, regardless of our age. Today's lesson was
Never book a feckin' waxing appointment for the same evening as your dress rehearsal!
4.00pm: I was lying prone on a salon bed, having hot wax applied to various regions and then ripped off.
8.00pm: I was dressed in full witch costume, popping up from behind cauldrons and gallows, attempting to garrote poor Robin Hood and engaging in a bitter struggle of good versus evil against the good fairy.
Oh, and throw in a bit of Gangham style for good measure.
Just let's say that my screams, shreiks and roars sounded very authentic because they damn well were!
Method acting at its best.


  1. ha miss noeleen why are u always playin the evil person ;p

  2. Because I am such a good actress!!!

  3. but if u were such a good actress then wouldn't u be playing other kinds of people. BTW never start sentence with because.

  4. Glad to see you remember something I taught you!

  5. yup how could i forget