Monday, December 24, 2012

Oh Holy Night

The highlight of my Christmas (so far) has to be our school play, The Xmas Factor. I knew the kids were going to be great but I had no idea just how great!
We were working at a slight disadvantage seeing as we have no school hall. After reassuring our parish priest that
“Yes, there is religious content in there.”
we were given the use of the church. But it is a slight distance away and the kids had to be bussed there for rehearsals. Seeing as funds are low and bus trip cost 160 euro, we only had one full run in the church.
Director’s nightmare.
However on the night each and every kid was AMAZING. You’d swear they had lived on that stage/altar for the past month. We finished off with the entire 164 pupils on the altar steps singing “Oh Holy Night”. When the audience were on their feet for an ovation before we had even finished I knew it had been a rousing success.

The next day I was telling my kids how fabulous they had been. One of the girls looked a little doubtful.
“But Miss, if we were that good, why were people crying?”
I had forgotten that in a child’s mind
To make someone cry = you’ve done a bad thing

I tried to explain that in theatre circles it’s actually quite easy to make your audience laugh. It is much more difficult to make them cry. If you do, then you know it’s because you have just created something powerful and moving.
So to anyone who is reading this I wish you a very Happy Christmas, and may any tears you shed over this festive season be ones of pure joy.