Friday, December 21, 2012

The gift that keeps giving....

Once again the old chestnut of whether teachers should be given Christmas presents raises its ugly head. This present that I received is pure genius and I think should be issued by the Department of Education to each and every teacher in this country.
It is a Teacher's Survival Kit.
It contains
Marbles Spares for the ones they've helped you lose
Cotton Wool For when you can't hear yourself think
Eyes Because sometimes you need them in the back of your head
Eraser To "rub" out their mistakes
Pen To "write"their wrongs
Seeds For the seeds of knowledge you sow
Candle For when they get on your wick
Gloves For when you need a spare set of hands
A Tissue To wipe away the tears and to clean up the messes
Whistle For when you need to get everyone's attention
Coffee For a well deserved staffroom break
Crayon To always brighten your day
Rubber band To remind you to be flexible
Paperclip To help you to hold things together
Rope For when you're at the end of yours
Mint Because you're worth a mint to the parents

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