Friday, December 21, 2012

Thanks for the present Roxy!

You know the way that when it's your birthday you think the universe owes you a happy day?
The morning started off well. Some nice early morning texts to wish me a happy day of birth.
Weather was wet and miserable, so when Roxy stared to sway ever so slightly on the road, I put it down to high prevailing winds.
Wait a minute. the trees aren't swaying. It's not THAT windy.
Common sense won out and I looked for the next safe place to stop. As luck would have it, it was outside Boardsmill school. I got out and walked around my car.
Yep, there it was. My present from Roxy.
A flat feckin' tyre!
Today of all days. It's Christmas play time tonight and I still have a million things to check over.
Our school opens earlier than this one, so there was no one around yet. I tried not to be the helpless female and change it myself, but who was I kidding? I couldn't even get the nuts open!!!
I was just on the phone to my poor brother, when the principal of the school arrived. I'm sure he too had a million things to do that morning but he came to my assistance. However, the nuts still weren't budging.
I made a quick phone call to my principal to say that I would be a little late. He told me to relay this message onto the other principal.
A Dad arrived on the scene. After much pushing, shoving and manly grunts Roxy was fixed!
I opened my classroom door to be met by the rousing chorus of Happy Birthday!
Things can only get better!
A pupil's viewpoint!

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