Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shoo away!

How time flies. I couldn't believe that it was our annual Christmas night out. It only seems like a month since myself, Genevieve, Rose and Majella last met up, but no, it has been a year.

After our dinner....and a few beverages, we decided to risk going to Mantra nightclub.
But the girls were a tad concerned that I wouldn't get it. No, its not that I am barred because of some previous  antisocial behaviour. Rather it was because of my shoes!!!
Yes, I was wearing my kickass babies.
Despite my friends' reservations I sailed in past security, who never batted an eyelid.
"See? What are ye on about? They're perfectly normal footwear."

After giving it welly on the dance floor it was time to leave. As I was about to exit the front door a large muscular arm extended itself across my path, preventing my departure. I looked up into the eyes of a burly bouncer.
His eyes went down to my feet and he said
"Jaysus. They are some serious footwear. How did you manage to get in past us?"
I flashed him my best flirty smile and said
"Look, no one was killed or injured in the course of the night, I swear."
I managed to get out.

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