Monday, December 24, 2012

Oh Holy Night

The highlight of my Christmas (so far) has to be our school play, The Xmas Factor. I knew the kids were going to be great but I had no idea just how great!
We were working at a slight disadvantage seeing as we have no school hall. After reassuring our parish priest that
“Yes, there is religious content in there.”
we were given the use of the church. But it is a slight distance away and the kids had to be bussed there for rehearsals. Seeing as funds are low and bus trip cost 160 euro, we only had one full run in the church.
Director’s nightmare.
However on the night each and every kid was AMAZING. You’d swear they had lived on that stage/altar for the past month. We finished off with the entire 164 pupils on the altar steps singing “Oh Holy Night”. When the audience were on their feet for an ovation before we had even finished I knew it had been a rousing success.

The next day I was telling my kids how fabulous they had been. One of the girls looked a little doubtful.
“But Miss, if we were that good, why were people crying?”
I had forgotten that in a child’s mind
To make someone cry = you’ve done a bad thing

I tried to explain that in theatre circles it’s actually quite easy to make your audience laugh. It is much more difficult to make them cry. If you do, then you know it’s because you have just created something powerful and moving.
So to anyone who is reading this I wish you a very Happy Christmas, and may any tears you shed over this festive season be ones of pure joy.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

What do you mean, my shoes are impractical???

Here is my new baby.....

I can hear the cries of
"How in God's name are you going to walk in those?"
"You'll break your neck."
"You've gone too far this time my dear."

I'm not going to WALK in them. Oh no. This is what it's for....

The scary thing is, it was a present from one of my pupils. They know me so well!

Friday, December 21, 2012

The gift that keeps giving....

Once again the old chestnut of whether teachers should be given Christmas presents raises its ugly head. This present that I received is pure genius and I think should be issued by the Department of Education to each and every teacher in this country.
It is a Teacher's Survival Kit.
It contains
Marbles Spares for the ones they've helped you lose
Cotton Wool For when you can't hear yourself think
Eyes Because sometimes you need them in the back of your head
Eraser To "rub" out their mistakes
Pen To "write"their wrongs
Seeds For the seeds of knowledge you sow
Candle For when they get on your wick
Gloves For when you need a spare set of hands
A Tissue To wipe away the tears and to clean up the messes
Whistle For when you need to get everyone's attention
Coffee For a well deserved staffroom break
Crayon To always brighten your day
Rubber band To remind you to be flexible
Paperclip To help you to hold things together
Rope For when you're at the end of yours
Mint Because you're worth a mint to the parents

Thanks for the present Roxy!

You know the way that when it's your birthday you think the universe owes you a happy day?
The morning started off well. Some nice early morning texts to wish me a happy day of birth.
Weather was wet and miserable, so when Roxy stared to sway ever so slightly on the road, I put it down to high prevailing winds.
Wait a minute. the trees aren't swaying. It's not THAT windy.
Common sense won out and I looked for the next safe place to stop. As luck would have it, it was outside Boardsmill school. I got out and walked around my car.
Yep, there it was. My present from Roxy.
A flat feckin' tyre!
Today of all days. It's Christmas play time tonight and I still have a million things to check over.
Our school opens earlier than this one, so there was no one around yet. I tried not to be the helpless female and change it myself, but who was I kidding? I couldn't even get the nuts open!!!
I was just on the phone to my poor brother, when the principal of the school arrived. I'm sure he too had a million things to do that morning but he came to my assistance. However, the nuts still weren't budging.
I made a quick phone call to my principal to say that I would be a little late. He told me to relay this message onto the other principal.
A Dad arrived on the scene. After much pushing, shoving and manly grunts Roxy was fixed!
I opened my classroom door to be met by the rousing chorus of Happy Birthday!
Things can only get better!
A pupil's viewpoint!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shoo away!

How time flies. I couldn't believe that it was our annual Christmas night out. It only seems like a month since myself, Genevieve, Rose and Majella last met up, but no, it has been a year.

After our dinner....and a few beverages, we decided to risk going to Mantra nightclub.
But the girls were a tad concerned that I wouldn't get it. No, its not that I am barred because of some previous  antisocial behaviour. Rather it was because of my shoes!!!
Yes, I was wearing my kickass babies.
Despite my friends' reservations I sailed in past security, who never batted an eyelid.
"See? What are ye on about? They're perfectly normal footwear."

After giving it welly on the dance floor it was time to leave. As I was about to exit the front door a large muscular arm extended itself across my path, preventing my departure. I looked up into the eyes of a burly bouncer.
His eyes went down to my feet and he said
"Jaysus. They are some serious footwear. How did you manage to get in past us?"
I flashed him my best flirty smile and said
"Look, no one was killed or injured in the course of the night, I swear."
I managed to get out.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Costume Drama.

It's that time of year again, Christmas pageant time. Teachers all over the country are up to their tonsils in tinsel and glitter. This year we are being very ambitious and putting on The Xmas Factor starring 163 kids!
Even Les Miserables hasn't that large a cast.
But its actually not as crazy as it sounds. Each teacher is responsible for a group, namely shepherds, kings, stars or soldiers, and prepares their own class. Then we'll bring it all together, with my class providing the links such as judges and hosts. The prize for the winners is a part in the Nativity play. But of course it is scripted and they will all be winners and we will finish with a big finale of them all singing.
Well that's it in theory. I'll let you know how it's going next week when I'm tearing my hair out to the strains of "Never again!"
Parents were given a note, asking them to provide a cheap and cheerful costume for their child. One mother whose son is in the soldiers' group, went into his teacher this morning in a bit of a quandary.
"I'm just wondering what sort of a costume you want them in as a soldier?"
"We're going with the modern type army, you know, combats or army fatigues."
"Oh that's alright then," said the mother with a sigh of relief.
"I was thinking along the lines of a robe and a tea towel on his head, but he looked like a member of the Taliban!"

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hair we go again...

I had a phone call from my hairdresser.
"Noeleen, I'm setting up a Facebook page for my salon. Would you mind if I put up some photos of hairstyles that I have done for you over the years?"

Let me think.......
Seeing as the last time I was in Turkey I discovered a hairdressing flyer with my photos in it plastered over a telephone kiosk, I'm hardly one to object to an innocent Facebook page, now am I?