Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Alma Mater revisited.

This weekend saw the 150th celebration of the arrival of the Sisters of Mercy nuns in Rochfortbridge. As this included my Secondary School, I headed over to join in the festivities! It's amazing how driving over the bog road brought all the memories flooding back.
I had a very happy time in school. No horror stories of abuse or bullying to report. But I still recall vividly the sinking feeling in my stomach as I reached Cole's Cross every Sunday evening. I would be dropped at the side door of the school and in I'd go. A very daunting experience for a 13 year old to be away from home for a week.
It has been exactly 30 years since I last walked through those doors. And the first thing that struck me was the familiar smell. Some things never change.
After the mass and book launch there was the obligatory tea and buns. Myself and a few more ex-boarders snuck off  up the back stairs to our old dormitories.
Times have moved on and it is no longer a boarding school. Who in their right minds would take on the responsibility of being in charge of 70 plus teenage girls nowadays?
St.Oliver's dormitory is now a classroom. My bed used to be to the right of that window.

Who's been sleeping in my bed? 
It was great hearing stories and memories from past pupils. But this one I'm not so fond of!
Some of the lads were telling me that the local boyos discovered that the boarders had their showers at 9.30 every night. If they stood at Bradley's corner they could see in the upstairs bathroom windows! So they used to congregate there every night.
Eugh! We never knew that or we would have been the smelliest boarders in Ireland.
Apologies for reposting the following blog but it tells my favourite story from my secondary school days.