Friday, November 9, 2012

A womb with a view

This story comes courtesy of a friend who teaches Senior Infants, those adorable little five year olds!
In Science they were exploring the topic of Living Things/Non-living things. To conclude the lesson they had to draw one living thing. As Infant drawings can be a bit hard to decipher sometimes, she was going around asking each child to explain their drawing.
"It's a flower, Miss."
"That's my dog."
"A snail."
Her jaw nearly hit the floor when she saw the following diagram.......

"Em, tell me. What is that?"
Two little innocent eyes peered up at her as if she was stupid and said
"Miss, it's a TREE. Look there's the trunk and there's fruit at the end of the branches."
I suppose that's why we use the term Fruit of my loins!