Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I love Beatrice!

After the weeks of debauchery in Turkey I returned home somewhat more rotund than I left. It was time for the "Cop yourself on" diet plan. However, no matter how I tried I couldn't get myself into the zone.
Then one of my friends told me about a personal trainer that she had gone to and had worked miracles on her.
"I could do with a miracle. Give me her number....quick!"
So that is how I met up with Beatrice. I was weighed and measured. My targets were recorded.
What? I haven't been that since I was 15!
An exercise programme was written up for me and with my diet sheet in my sweaty little hand I set off for home.
Daily exercises followed and each week I returned to be reweighed and measured. I felt like one of my pupils standing in front of her, knowing that she would soon realise whether I had done my work or not. Beatrice believes in tough love.
"  Well done on that weight loss.......but I feel you could do better. Let's increase the number of boxers, twist jumps, alternative knee lifts etc etc etc that you are doing."
Is it worth it?
This is a photo of me taken five weeks ago.

And this is me now.

Same dress, but many many inches smaller and a dress size down.
Oh Beatrice, how I love you!!!!