Monday, October 1, 2012

Going to pot

Monday morning in class usually begins with Newstime. One of the lads was telling us all about a girl who won the Lotto in America last year but has died of a drugs overdose. This led to a little pep talk on the fact that money doesn't always buy happiness, and also on the dangers of drugs.
Next girl announced
"My granny won 150 euro at Bingo on Saturday night!"
There was silence for a moment and then the pearls of wisdom.....
"Make sure she doesn't start on de drugs!"
Ah, it nearly makes Monday morning bearable!


  1. I 've followed you for quite a few years now but compared to earlier this year and the year before you haven't put up much about what's being going on in school

  2. It's dificult to know where and when stories will arise. Also I have to be very careful that the kids involved can't be identified, so no names or photos. But thanks so much for following me!