Thursday, September 6, 2012

Technology bites back

My previous blog was a slight satire on modern technology and about the way that sometimes the old ways are the best.
As if to prove a point, a potential disater was averted by the mere push of a button....or two.
My nephew Niall headed up to a Debs in the big smoke of Dublin!
Not only that, it was also his 19th birthday.

I called into his Dad and Mum's house later that evening, to find them in a bit of a dither! Niall had just texted to say that he hadn't brought his ID as he didn't think he'd need it at a debs.
Mistake? Big mistake!
He wasn't being let in.
Now in ye olden days his parents would have had to go back up, to either
a) bring him his ID
b) bring him home by the hasp of the arse for not bringing it in the first place.

I sprung into my MacGyver mode. I whipped out my iphone, took a picture of the relevant page  of his passport and sent it on to him. He received it and showed it to the bouncer who had stopped him from going in.
A few seconds later my phone beeped.
"I'm IN!!! Tnks a mill Noeleen."

What did we do before mobile phones?
Isn't modern technology brilliant..... and this time I'm not being sarcastic!