Friday, September 14, 2012

A ripping good time

There is a beauty salon in the town near to my school. They have some up with a great client-attracting scheme called "Waxy Wednesday". This means that you can get half price waxing've guessed it, Wednesday! Now in these recessionary times, anything that saves some of my ever shrinking mulah is very welcome.
But get this.......the things a teacher has to take into consideration.
Firstly I had to to go on a reconnaissance mission to find out who worked there. Can you imagine the scenario if I just walked in, only to be greeted by one of my past-pupils?
At the very least, it would be soooo embarrassing. But horror of horrors, imagine if it was a disgruntled ex-pupil.
Oh there's that bitch who gave me extra homework to do back in 1992. Payback time!
"Now just lie back and relax. This won't hurt a bit."
Hot wax applied and........RIPPPPPP.
It brings a tear to my eye just to even think about it!


  1. What I am enquiring about is why the photo is blurred,
    is there a sensitive reason that perhaps they are your legs ?

  2. Hmm. I wish you were....but I doubt it very much!!! :)

  3. Oh miss remember the debate. That was a laugh.......... You have to have an idea now who it is or who we are.

    1. Yes I have a fair idea "Anne and Orla"! Hope your new school is as much fun :)