Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Generation Game

Recently I was clearing out my drawers in the classroom
I mean my cupboards, tut tut
I found a  book that had the following message scrawled on the front page in a childish scribble
Belongs to Mary Smith*. If found please return to owner.
* obviously not her real name!!!
Without batting an eyelid I turned and handed the book to one of my current pupils and said
"John, would you mind giving that to your mother and telling her that I'm sorry I kept it so long!"

Yes, I was teaching the son of a girl I had taught many years ago. I started teaching in Baconstown about twenty ahem years ago. I haven't been there all that time. I worked abroad for several years and I was out and about doing drama inservice courses with teachers for other years. Like a boomerang I keep returning and until I find a better school with nicer kids and colleagues, there I will stay!
People look at me incredulously when I tell them I am into my second generation of pupils.
"But you look far too young and pretty to be doing that!" they retort.
OK, I may have put my own slant on that comment!
I explain that I was, in fact a child prodigy, and started my teaching career at an impossibly young age. Some of them have raised a quizzical eyebrow in doubt.
So I have searched through my drawers again, but in my house this time and found a photo of me on my first day teaching. Honest!


  1. ye sure.... isn't it funny the way on previous posts the pictures of u when u when u were younger the camera wasnt as clear as it is now, but on this photo its more modern and clear

  2. That's cause yeah, I digitally enhanced it!!!

  3. ye..erm..i..erm.dont believe..erm..u!!

  4. totes agree with the above comment ^

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