Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reality bites

After arriving home early yesterday morning on the red-eye flight I managed to last until 9.30pm. Then I collapsed into bed in my new purple-themed bedroom. I slept like a baby.
Hold on a minute, does that not mean I would have woken up every two hours screaming for food?
What I mean is that I never budged in the bed until 10 this morning.
I awoke fresh and rested with a......
Brand new mosquito bite!!!
Honestly, there is one of those ugly red ones filled with pus on my leg. It definitely wasn't there yesterday. Some evil little f***** stowed away in my luggage, managed to survive the long flight, 12 hours in the Irish climate and then with its last gasping breath sunk its fangs into my juicy leg.
Oh wait, maybe I'm mixing a mosquito up with a vampire!
Lauren, any chance you could get me a lilac mosquito net, just to be on the safe side!

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