Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mahmutlar's Next Top Model

We headed off to the Dim Cayi. This is a restaurant built across the River Dim. The little booths are right in the middle of the river and you can sit with your feet dangling in the flowing water. As it is near the river's source in the mountains the water is.freezing.
No, seriously, I mean FREEZING! It's like needles sticking into you. But oh so refreshing.

As we were sitting watching the world go by, we noticed two guys on the river bank. It soon became obvious that it was a proper photo shoot
As opposed to the one I enforce on everyone who stays with me in the apartment!
I have many Turkish male "friends" on Facebook and I have noticed that they all have professionally taken photos. Obviously it's the done thing.
The guys realised that they were being watched and waved over. Of course I waved back. It'd be rude not to!
I didn't bargain on them beckoning me over to have my photo taken! The "model" came racing across the gangway to our booth, held out his hand and asked if I'd get my photo taken with him!
Granted I felt a little sorry for him. I bet he thought I was some young one from a distance and got the shock of his life when he got up close! Bless him.
Fair dues to him, he never batted an eyelid, but escorted me over to the "set".
Now little did he know that I'm a professional at this sort of thing by this stage!

By this time I'd say that I am starring in a promotional for some dodgy website that helps young Turks get a visa by snaring an older woman. But hey, that's nothing new to a woman whose photo can be found in telephone kiosks!