Monday, August 13, 2012

It's curtain time!

As the plane descended into Dublin, I looked down on the patchwork of fields that lay beneath me.
40 Shades of Green.
When I got out of the airport I looked up at the overcast sky.
50 Shades of Grey.
Ah yes, I was well and truly home. I was warding off the post-holiday blues by thinking about all the things I have to look forward to in the coming weeks. The one thing that was getting to me was my curtains, or rather the lack of them.
Before I skedaddled off to Turkey for a month I had undertaken a DIY project, namely redecorating my bedroom. I had painted the walls, steamed the carpet and rearranged the furniture.

 I had bought new duvet and cushions. I had also bought new curtains but I hadn't gotten round to sending them off to get black-out lining. I can't sleep if there is as much as a glimmer of light. I was also thinking about how I was going to get the old curtains off the curtain pole. Dad had done all that for me the last time. He had welded the pole together and I couldn't remove it.
It just would have been so much nicer to spend my first night home in my newly decorated bedroom instead of trying to clamber into the guest room among the bags and cases.
With a slightly heavy heart I dragged my cases in behind me into my house.
"Hi Honey I'm home!"
No answer. Oh drat, that's right. I'm single!
I opened my bedroom door......and did a double take. There, proudly hanging in place were my now fully lined curtains.

Not only that, but there were several matching accessories that I hadn't purchased.

I will be honest. I sat on the bed and cried. Not because I was so depressed to be home but because someone had gone to huge effort to surprise me on my return.
A few phone calls later I discovered who was responsible.
My niece, Lauren. She had brought away my curtains to be lined, did a bit of shopping and broken into my house to sort things out.
All the stories mention the kindness and good deeds of Fairy Godmothers but I have my very own Fairy God Daughter.
As I looked around I thought
OK, so this isn't Turkey but do you know what, it's........