Monday, August 6, 2012


My favourite part of the day has been getting ready for a night out. I love the whole primming and preening. My nightly routine for the past month has consisted of
  • a shower to wash off all the various suncreams I have applied during the day
  • reapplication of a similiar amount of Aftersun creams
  • painstakingly  put rollers into my hair or twist myself into a knot trying to create a bun, or alternatively
  • nip across the road to Ibrahim and let him work his magic on my hair.
  • pick out the outfit I wanted to wear that night, making sure to coordinate clothes, shoes, bag and jewellery
  • apply make up with the precision of a makeup artist on Paris Fashion Week
  • Nightly photo shoot to record the results, so I can look back over them on a cold wintry night when I'm snowed into my house again.
Yes, I do love doing that......until tonight!

8:00pm and I was still stretched out on the couch, contemplating the arduous mission ahead of me.
I can't do it! I can't be bothered. I wonder what I have in my wardrobe that is comfy and can be co- ordinated in a minute and doesn't take any work?
Ah ha! I have that new outfit I bought in Alayna yesterday. Perfect!

Just for the record, I didn't really wear that. I'd have melted in the heat......and everyone would have wondered who was this imposter!

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