Thursday, July 19, 2012

You'll never walk alone

With much heartache and gnashing of teeth I bade adieu to the two girlies on Tuesday night as they headed for home. As Mam and my two sisters don't arrive until Sunday evening I have five days on my own. I am a very independent woman, well capable of looking after myself and putting up with my own company. However this is the first time I will have been on holiday on my own. But if I'm going to do it anywhere, then Mamuthlar is the place to do it.
Everyone in the complex has been so nice.
"We're heading to the beach if you want to come."
"Do you want to join us for dinner tonight?"
"Fancy coming to Alayna tomorrow?"
I'm tellin' ya, I wouldn't have as much company in Mullingar!

I went for lunch in Foleys. As I was on my own they decided I needed a lunch date.
Here he is.....

I ate the face off him!