Saturday, July 7, 2012

A very grey area

One of the main considerations for holidays is what reading material to bring. It would seem that I am the only woman left in Ireland, or possibly the planet, not to have read "50 Shades of Grey" yet. Seems perfect for lazing by the pool in Turkey.
I mentioned this to my cousin  Jeanette, who immediately warned me of just how potentially lethal it could be!
It seems she decided to take it with her to read on her recent plane journey. The plane took off, Jeanette opened the book and began to read. She obviously became totally engrossed in it because an hour into the journey her teenage son popped his head over the seat, looking very alarmed and said
"Mam, don't you think you should offer to help?"
Jeanette lifted her head from the book and asked
"Help with what?"
It seems that the captain had announced three times over the loudspeaker for anyone with medical experience to please go to the front of the plane.
Jeanette is a nurse in Intensive Care and would have loads of such experience but she hadn't heard him as she was too busy reading her "Mummy porn"!
She jumped up and went to the front of the plane to discover some poor unfortunate woman had had a heart attack.
Maybe she had been reading the book too, and couldn't cope with it!
Anyway, Jeanette worked wonders and the woman arrived safely at her destination.
How different the story could have been if Jeanette had been travelling alone and had no one to draw her attention away from her "literature"!
 The woman was whisked away by the awaiting medical team and I am happy to report that she made a full recovery.
As for Jeanette, I don't know if she ever finished the book!

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