Sunday, July 29, 2012

Revolving door

"Where has that week gone to?"
It was time for my Mam and sisters to pack up their bags and head back to rain drenched Ireland.
Tee hee!
We went for our Last Supper in......Foley's . Where else???
After much hugging and kissing, they all said their goodbyes. We wandered the couple of hundred metres up the street to the apartment.
Bags and cases were loaded into the taxi.
"Bye. Safe flight."
"See you in two weeks."
"Mind yourself."
"I'm sure these photos will be up on Facebook before we're even at the airport."
I stood on the pavement, waving them off until they disappeared into the distance.
I turned and made my way in through the front gates of the apartment complex. I walked around the swimming pool, a solitary and dejected figure in the moonlight. With a heavy heart I reached the carpark at the back gate.
Another taxi swung in, screeched to a halt and the door was flung open.
"NOELEEN! I'm here!"
It was my friend Sinéad arriving for her two week stint in Mamutlar.
All lonesome thoughts disappeared instantly.
Now I know exactly how a Turkish man feels with every two week turnover.

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