Wednesday, July 25, 2012

LMVG Scuttin' Award goes to...........

Anyone involved with Leixlip Musical and Variety Group should know what scuttin' is.
Scuttin': Verb  While on a night out, marks are awarded for the most popular person.
Scoring system: 5 points - someone looks at you
                           10 points- eye contact is made
                           20 points- someone comes up and talks to you etc, etc, etc, 
Marks up to 100 points can be achieved!
Scoring system is very arbitrary. Namely, myself and Emer were the judges and if we felt you were trying too hard, then minus points were awarded.
For some strange reason, one of us seemed to win every night!

Out here in Turkey, my family have no idea of this game. However I was playing it in my head.
As a little competition, who do you think should win the Mamuthlar Scuttin' competition 2012?
Please vote on the calibre of men they attracted.

#1 My sister Jacqueline.

#2 My mother, Maureen.
Now, I don't want to influence the voting, but all I'll say is, I want to be 78 years of age, and have all the waiters flock around me when I enter their premises.
Just sayin'.