Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Get in touch and tell Joe...

What does a nation do when their backs are to the wall and austerity measures are brought in but not uniformly across all groups of people? Well, if you're Portuguese, Spanish or Greek you probably riot. If you're Irish you........ring Joe Duffy on his radio show! I think he is really a Government Secret Agent, whose sole mission is to give the people of Ireland a soapbox on which to vent their anger thus keeping them off the streets.
I was staying in my friend Rose's house and I was introduced to her adorable dog, Daisy!

Rose was in a dilemma. As she worked away from home every day, she was concerned about leaving Daisy on her own. She heard that you should leave a radio on so that the dog will feel that they have company. Every morning before leaving, she turned on Radio 1 as she figured that it had a good mix of conversation and music.....so Daisy wouldn't get bored! This scenario seemed to be working well.

Several weeks later, Rose was having a quiet Friday night in, lounging on the couch and watching The Late Late Show with Daisy snuggled up beside her. Ryan Tubrity introduced his next guest
"And now we have.....Joe Duffy."
Daisy didn't stir until Joe started to talk. As soon as he opened his mouth she shot up, looked around to locate the source of the voice and started to whimper. When his "dulcet" tones continued to permeate the room, Daisy buried her head in her paws as if trying to cover her ears to block out the sound! She only calmed down when Rose turned down the volume on the TV.
Rose was horrified to think what she had put her poor dog through for the past few months.
The next Monday she tuned into 2FM.