Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back to the future

On my first evening in Mamuthlar I headed across the road to my hairdresser Ibrahim. Disaster!
It was closed down!
Noooo! This can't be happening. I can't spend a whole holiday with bad hair. I may as well go home now!
As I walked dejectedly back across the road I heard a shout. I looked around to what can only be described as a scene from one of those Matrix films. A man was vaulting over fences, somersaulting over cars and running up the sides of buildings, all in an attempt to reach me. As he stood in front of me I screamed.
"Ibrahim! Thank God I found you."
"Ah, my best customer! See, I have opened new salon just on corner."
And sure enough, up the other side of the street was his new place. Its even nearer to our apartment!
As I walked towards it, who came bounding down the steps only Private Peter Mark.
 More hugs and kisses all around.
I sat down to get the chlorine washed out of my stressed tresses. There was a local girl beside me getting an upstyle.
"See," explained Ibrahim."She is getting married this evening, just like your friend."
I had the deceny to blush as I feel a little guilty about our fake wedding.
I muttered something appropriate and buried my head in the price list
One thing I love about Turkey is reading how they translate things. Somehow, things do get lost!
There was a list of the usual procedures to be found in a salon
Bridal hair
Engagement hair
and this one really grabbed my attention
Face Retrieval.
That's a new one.
"Okay Ibrahim. I'd like you to retrieve my face from 1986 please!"
"No problem. Quick Marty. Hand me the Flux Capacitor!"