Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Come on Baby, light my fire.

This morning we were watching the journey of the Olympic torch through Dublin. The kids were looking forward in particular to the appearance of Jedward.....for various reasons! Beforehand they were happily coming up with possible scenarios that could happen.

"Miss, what if they start doing cartwheels down O'Connell Street and drop the torch. Will it have to restart from Athens all over again?"
We had an impersonator
"OMG John. That's like, so totally awesome...but dangerous. Mum always told us never to play with fire! So here.......splash, sizzle. Now you're like totes safe, roight?"
But my favourite was
"Miss, why did Jedward fall in the Liffey?"
"I don't know. Why did Jedward fall into the Liffey?"
"Because they went too close to the Waterline!" BOOM.
Ah, you've got to love a pun at that hour of the morning.