Friday, May 25, 2012

Making sweet music

There was a student teacher in my class for teaching practise. One day she took a phone call for me.
"Noeleen, the accordion people rang and said they will be here on Friday to take your class."
WHAT???? When was it decided that my kids were going to learn the accordion?
...........And the ACCORDION of all things, for God's sake!
Where are they all going to get accordions by Friday?
At break time I accosted my principal.
"What are you talking about Noeleen?" he said incredulously. "The ACCORD people are coming on Friday. You know, the Relationship and Sexuality group. They are giving the sex education talk to Sixth class!"
Well that made a lot more sense.

Suddenly a cold shiver of horror ran down my spine. What if I still thought they were standing at my classroom door ready to teach the accordion, and had said to them
"Oh, they don't all have their instruments yet. Maybe just teach them the fingering until they do."