Friday, May 4, 2012

Megan is heading in the right direction.

My sister Geraldine, complete with grandaughter Megan, were in the Greville Arms in Mullingar today, having a cuppa. She got talking to two women that she knew, who just happened to be Niall Horan's Mammy and Granny. Suddenly a frission of excitement swept through the restaurant and who should appear, only the man/boy himself.......NIALL! Fresh from his conquest of America and Australia.

Down he sat and of course, before he knew where he was, Megan was plonked on his knee and cameras were produced. Fair dues to him, he oooed and ahhed over her, like a politician on the eve of a general election.
Megan looks totally unimpressed. But I'm sure she'll appreciate it in a few years.

She may be only 15 months but she is already outdoing me in the man-snaring game. The best I could do was a cardboard cutout!